April 6, 2021

Where is our whiskey?

Where is our whiskey?

It has been a while since Dan and I published a podcast episode. Why? Who knows. We've been busy with other projects but probably, the truth is closer to it just isn't as fun to produce these things remotely as it is passing bottles back and forth and sipping whiskey together. It just wasn't safe to do that for a long time but, with vaccines at full speed here in Colorado, we're getting there. We've still been putting up fresh Open the Bottle, Back to the Bottle, and Not Whiskey videos over on YouTube along with something new, Blind Shelfie Throwdowns so check those out when you can. See what other projects Dan's been up to and subscribe to his newsletter, Slow Guy on the Fast Ride

We've got new episodes complete with us drinking bourbon, rye, scotch, and more coming soon. Thanks!

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