March 27, 2022

My friend Stacey has some whiskey questions.

My friend Stacey has some whiskey questions.
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My friend Stacey Moses has some whiskey questions. Until just a few months ago, we'd worked together in various capacities for many years, and during that time, we also became friends. On balance, I feel as if I've learned far more from Stacey in our professional relationship than she ever learned from me so I always relish an opportunity to share any knowledge I have with her. In the before COVID times, Stacey would visit town to work in our offices (she lives outside of Washington DC while our offices were in Boulder, CO) and she would often stay at me and Melissa's house rather than in a hotel. We got used to those visits and we all miss them. So, Stacey's whiskey questions were a perfect opportunity to spend some time together, sip some whiskey, and have some fun.  

What's the proper way to drink whiskey? Is it ever ok to add water or ice to whiskey? Why is it sometimes spelled 'whiskey' and sometimes spelled 'whisky'? What if someone wants to pour nice whiskey into a glass with diet cola? 

I don't know if have the right answers but I have some thoughts and that's enough to have a good time with a dear friend. Well, that and a little bit of bourbon. Cheers!

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