Oct. 24, 2020

Where did all the Scotch whisky go?

Where did all the Scotch whisky go?
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One day, we looked at our whiskey shelves and noticed there were no open bottles of Scotch. What happened? Why did we suddenly stop buying and opening bottles of single malt Scotch whisky? And, when we finally did open up what should have been a lovely Bunnahabhain 12, did it take a while to remember how wonderful Scotch can? Have our palates been battered by barrel proof bourbon too long? Nah, we just need to remember that variety in whiskey is important and worth pursuing. Also, it's fun to try and pronounce some of those crazy sounding Scotch distilleries. Dan mentioned the factory Brian Cox's videos on pronouncing Scotch whisky distilleries, and they are entertaining, but I found this one by @Aqvavitae https://youtu.be/jcQglJyNL0w that gets through some popular distilleries quickly and I think is probably more helpful and accurate. It also settled that bit about how Scots call their whisky the 'water of live'. The word I was looking for is aqua vitae or in French, eau de vie and Italian, acquavite. Beyond the Scots referring to their whisky this way, the term, in its many forms, as been used to refer to distilled spirits for centuries.Finally, for some incredibly entertaining Scoth whisky reviews from an amazing character, check out Ralfy's Stuff at https://www.youtube.com/user/ralfystuff. He'll also give you plenty of Scottish pronounciations.

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