Open the Bottle - George Dickel 8 year old Bourbon Whisky

Open the Bottle - George Dickel 8-year-old Bourbon Whisky

From one of the biggest names in Tennessee whisky and one of the biggest names that often isn't named but we know the name anyway in sourced whisky comes a bourbon whisky. Not just a bourbon but an 8 year, age-stated bourbon at 90 proof and at a $32 price tag.

Nicole Austin, General Manager and Distiller at George Dickel in Tullahoma, TN says this whisky just had more of a bourbon taste and feel than it did a Tennessee whisky and I think she's right. I think I'd know this we Dickel whisky were I tasting it blind but it really doesn't have that funky flavor that we've become accustomed to from Cascade Hollow. Is that good? Well, I like that Dickel funk but my first reaction to this bourbon is favorable and it's hard to beat at the price point and spec. We'll see how I feel about it as it opens up and we'll go Back to the Bottle soon. Cheers!