Open the Bottle - George Dickel 15 year old Single Barrel Tennessee Whisky Store Pick

Open the Bottle - George Dickel 15-year-old Single Barrel Tennessee Whisky Store Pick

From AppleJack Wine and Spirits in Colorado, this is one of the new release single barrel private picks and, after 15 years in the barrel, is quite a bit different from the 9 year old Hand Select offerings that have been the private picks from Dickel for years. Better? I'm not sure yet but it is certainly different. There's more oak but it's a sweet, delicious oak. These store picks will range in proof and cost around $60 so they will be hard to pass up unless you just don't like George Dickel whisky but even then, I'd encourage you to at least try this whisky. It seems to me that the extra years in wood mellow that distinctive Dickel flavor profile (read: funk) as more of the characteristics of the barrel take over. I already have two of these from different stores and I can see picking up others as they come along. Cheers!