Open the Bottle: Boulder Spirits Cask Strength 5 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey

We have enjoyed every Boulder Spirits whiskey that we've tried so far. So, when I saw their Global Brand Ambassador, Ryan Negley, on Instagram talking about a cask strength, 5-year-old release at nearly 134 proof, I had to get a bottle. As it turns out, they are on sale at the distillery (I was the third purchase) and Ryan was generous enough to join me as I opened the bottle. For the record, I did buy this bottle for $75 so this video is in no way sponsored by Boulder Spirits.

I really like this bourbon. It'll be available at stores and from the distillery and I recommend getting a bottle if you're a fan of cask strength bourbons such as Booker's, Old Forester, Wild Turkey, and others. This one does not disappoint.

5 Years Old
51% Corn, 44% Malted Barley, 5% Rye
133.8 Proof
$70 - $75


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