Open the Bottle 2019 Ardbeg Supernova Committee Release

A Valentine's Day, Special Edition Open the Bottle with a 2019 Ardbeg Supernova Committee Release. There wasn't supposed to be any more Supernova releases from Ardbeg after 2015 but nothing is for sure in the whisky world I guess. After running across this bottle in the store of a friendly spirits purveyor and promptly putting my foot in my mouth about him never having offered me a chance to buy it, he offered to let me buy it right then ... so I did. It was expensive by my standards so I hoped it would be really good and it is. I love peated Scotch whisky and this is probably one of the top 3 or 4 I've ever tasted and certainly the tastiest I've owned. Is it worth $243? Who knows but I certainly don't regret spending that on it. It will be a Valentine's Day treat for my me and my wife. Cheers and happy Valentine's Day to you!