Friday Sips Live with Dan and Mark - May 20, 2022 - Jack Daniel's new Bonded and Triple Mash!

Dan is traveling again this week for a very cool cycling-related project. So, it's just me and the two new @Jack Daniel's releases.

I picked these two bottles up just before going live so I hadn't spent much time reading about them other than the articles my mom sent me. Thanks, mom! I've wanted that liter bottle of travel retail only Jack Daniel's Bottled In Bond since it came out but have not been able to secure one so I've very excited to try this bonded expression. The Triple Mash should be fun. Jack has produced rye for a while but I don't know that I've ever seen an American Malt from the brand. Other Brown-Foreman brands have done malts so maybe there is some sharing going on. Both are bottled in bond and likely just barely 4 years old. Spoiler if you didn't watch live, they are both quite tasty and very different from each other.

I also mentioned another one of our podcasts, the Mental Healthlete. It's hosted by my friend Bill Garrels and deals with the struggles we all have but that tends to affect athletes even more. What do you do when you just aren't feeling right? How do you reach out for help? How can we be there for our friends and fellow athletes? That's what Bill talks about with his guests. You can find more info at and find the podcast on your favorite podcast app.

I also ended up talking a bit about the two whiskeys we opened last week - @New Holland Brewing Dragon's Milk Origin Small Batch Bourbon and @Wyoming Whiskey Outryder. We liked both when we opened them and I've been back to each during the week and like them even more. Both are worth your attention and dollars if you're interested in a sip of something different.


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