Friday Sips Live with Dan and Mark - March 25, 2022

While I haven't chased unicorn whiskey in a long time and frankly, I never really did, I have accumulated a few bottles at reasonable prices that have increased significantly in value. My inclination is to open those bottles, share them with friends, and enjoy them but I'm second-guessing that thinking given the stupidly high prices some of them now command.

If someone is silly enough to pay me $250 - $400 for a bottle of Stagg Jr that I paid $55 for, maybe I should let them. How about that $75 Rock Hill Farms or the Old Weller Antique store pick I paid $60 for? Should I let a tater buy those for the hundreds of dollars they bring now? I've never sold a bottle on the secondary but I am be getting close. Let's talk about that.


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