Friday Sips Live with Dan and Mark - February 11, 2022

We were planning to do a live version of the Blind Shelfie Throwdown but Dan had a family thing come up and is unable to participate today. Clearly, he was scared of a live blind tasting with me.

So, in lieu of that, I thought we'd open up the 2021 Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition that I've been saving until I can share it with friends. We have our small local whiskey group gathering tomorrow and while those of you watching the stream can't actually share it, you can at least be there as I open this near unicorn bottle. For fun, we'll compare it to the Four Roses Small Batch Select. That is one of my top 3 bottles under $100. Is the Limited Edition worth more than three times the Select? I guess we'll see!

Good times.


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