Friday Sips Live with Dan and Mark - December 31, 2021

The last sips of 2021 and a renewed faith in whiskey geeks. Also, no Dan.

My new favorite whiskey is the Russell's Reserve 13 year Bourbon was a high point of 2021. The proliferation of George Dickel 15 year single barrels in stores all over the place. Dan and I have bought a pile of them because 15-year-old whisky that we love for $60! Why not? What a time we live in. Sure, prices of many bottles are crazy but some big distilleries - Dickel, Beam - releasing age-stated, older whiskies at reasonable prices give me hope that there will always be a practical approach to this hobby.

2021 was also the year our eyes were open to some amazing craft distilleries such as Deerhammer. Such good whiskey and not the same old same old. Give those a shot too because if we really want innovation in whiskey, craft distillers are the ones who will give it to us.

Thank you to everyone who listened or watched the whiskey content of The Practical Still. We sincerely appreciate every single one of you and hope to hear from more of you in 2022.


Join us next week for Friday Sips Live!