Friday Sips Live: July 29, 2022 - What's your baseline whiskey? Wild Turkey 101 for bourbon. Others?

We all drink many different bourbons, ryes, and single malt whiskeys and decide for each if we like it, if it is worth the money, and if we'd buy it again. It can be very helpful to have a baseline whiskey that you've spent plenty of time with to use as a counterpoint when the lines get blurry. Not sure if you like that $75 bottle of [insert overpriced sourced bourbon here], go back to your baseline. If it isn't as enjoyable as Wild Turkey 101 at $23 a bottle, the answer is clear. Did you tater yourself into a $100 bottle of 5-year-old MGP-produced rye whiskey? Go back to your baseline bottle of Rittenhouse and if it isn't better than a $28 bottle of rye, you have your answer.

Baseline whiskeys should be affordable and available in our opinion. This week on Friday Sips Live, we take a look at some of our baseline bottles - Wild Turkey 101 bourbon and rye, Rittenhouse Bottled In Bond rye, Glenmorangie Original 10-year-old single malt Scotch, and a few more. It's important to be practical and it's maybe more important to be realistic with the whiskey we buy.


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