Back to the Bottle - George Dickel 15 year old Single Barrel Tennessee Whisky

Back to the Bottle - George Dickel 15-year-old Single Barrel Tennessee Whisky

It's no secret that George Dickel produced whisky is a favorite of ours at The Practical Still. Well-aged Dickel is particularly enjoyable IF you are a fan of that funky Dickel flavor profile as we are. A 15 year old Dickel single barrel whisky priced around $60 is wonderful especially in light of what Blanton's and some other single barrel offerings command at a lower proof and younger age. The proof on these will vary - I've currently got three of these on the shelf at 96, 104, and 86 proof so it'll be fun to taste the difference proof makes when age is held fairly constant.

If you aren't a George Dickel whisky fan, I'd still encourage you to try a sip of these 15 year old bottles as I think the extra age takes some of that Dickel funk out of the distillate and adds back in some extra barrel influence in the form of some wonderful sweet oak and a lush mouthfeel. Of course, if you do like Dickel, you'll love this Dickel. Cheers!

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