Alison Tetrick drinks whiskey with The Practical Still

Alison Tetrick @amtetrick is a cowgirl, a scientist, a storyteller, and a professional cyclist. It turns out she's also a whiskey fan and even carries a flask of bourbon with her in gravel races like Unbound Gravel in Kansas. That's where Dan @browntiedan caught up with Alison and her partner Blaize Baehrens @blaize_bikes earlier this summer. They talk about flask whiskey, camping whiskey, and 40th birthday whiskey as they sample their way through a few bourbon and rye whiskeys. Cheers!

Whiskeys sipped during the video:
2:45 - 7:50 Cooper's Craft #cooperscraftbourbon
7:58 - 10:05 George Dickel Hand Select #GeorgeDickel
10:10 - 13:33 Russell's Reserve 6yr Rye #RussellsReserve
14:20 - 18:10 Penelope Barrel Strength Bourbon #PenelopeBourbon
18:15 - 21:05 Old Grand-Dad 114 #oldgranddad
21:20 - 24:05 Rowan's Creek #rowanscreek

#bourbon #ryewhiskey #alisontetrick

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