April 7, 2021

How should we welcome new people into whiskey?

How should we welcome new people into whiskey?

Every hobby faces the same dilemma - how do we welcome new people into our world without scaring them off before they even have a chance to figure it all out? That's what we tackle today. We were all new to whiskey at one point so how did we make it past all the jargon and nonsense? What are some 'dos and don'ts' if we want folks to feel welcome dipping their toes into the whiskey world? 

Well, it isn't about bottle chugs or only drinking barrel proof bourbon neat, that's for sure. Simply put, don't be a tater if you can help it. Let folks drink whiskey any way that works for them and ... well, give this episode a listen and let us know what we missed. Cheers!

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