Friday Sips Live: Sept, 23 2022 - Weller 12, Poor Man's Pappy, and a couple of Booker's batches!

Dan is traveling this week, visiting family in Pennsylvania. He and his brother-in-law/former Friday Sips guest/frequent commenter, Scott, will get into some Booker's while back in Colorado, I'll be sipping some Weller 12 and Poor Man's Pappy from my recent birthday celebration.

We've never done this Friday Sips thing remotely before so let's see how it goes.

On a non-whiskey note. You probably know that we also produce some excellent bicycle content. Slow Guy on the Fast Ride is focused on road and gravel cycling. Dan hosts a podcast and we put out a fair amount of gear-focused content. Our Lemme See That Videos are a hoot and valuable and we also do longer-form written and video reviews of road and gravel cycling gear. We also just launched Dawn Patrol MTB which is focused on mountain bikes as the name suggests.

At the moment, it's just me and Dan cranking it out, and when we can with our limited resources, we pull in freelance writers. We really want to provide diverse insight into cycling but we don't want to ask others to work for free (like we do so far) so we're asking for your support (beyond watching us, which we so greatly appreciate). If you can donate at this link - - we'll use all proceeds to pay talented freelance writers from backgrounds different from our own, to produce bike content that we know will appeal to a wide audience. Of course, whenever possible, we'll pour them a tipple of tasty whiskey too. Anyone who donates $75 or more will receive some goodies, not limited to a Slow Guy t-shirt, stickers, and probably more. Thank you for all you do to support the Practical Still and me and Dan.


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