Blind Shelfie Throwdown - Season 2, Episode 2 - Dan resorts to obscure sourced whiskey. Poor form.

Tasting whiskey blind, that is without knowing what sort of bourbon, rye, or scotch whisky you're drinking, is the only way to remove the bias and know for sure if you like a whiskey or if you've just been caught up in the hype. I think that's right but even if it isn't, blind tasting whiskey is fun and humbling and you should do it too. In the Blind Shelfie Throwdown, Dan and Mark share whiskey from their own shelves with each other and see who can get the most points from figuring out the style, the proof, the distillery, and maybe even exactly which bottle they are drinking from.

After tasting defeat in the first season of the Blind Shelfie Throwdown, Dan finds himself behind in the score again, already, with 100% fewer points than Mark. It would be easy to think Dan is simply resorting to underhanded means as he sees season two beginning to slip away so easily but remember, we filled these bottles long before we started sipping so the fact that he's choosing obscure, sourced whiskies was completely premeditated. Undaunted, Mark refuses to stoop to such trickery and has thus far provided samples for Dan from prominent distilleries to give him at least some chance of success. I sleep, er, I mean, Mark sleeps better at night knowing he is treating his friend fairly. Cheers!