• Mark Still

What is your whiskey age?

Old souls, dog years, young at heart, but how old are you in whiskey years? My dad was an interesting man. He rarely complained about life, he was eternally optimistic, and he saw the best in people. Except maybe people who answered the phone without clearly speaking their name. He was convinced they did that on purpose so he couldn’t rat them out if they didn’t provide proper service. Also, that's not his car in the picture. Just a photo op with his dream car in a parking lot. Dad was forever coming up with different ways of looking at things that garnered odd looks from others. It made him a good problem solver and a fun person to be around. I don’t know if it was a response to getting older or if he just noticed something in people’s actions the rest of us missed but at some point, he decided our chronological age didn’t describe our behavior well. Instead, he said that our effective age was cyclical and that knowing your effective age was as easy as adding the two numbers of your chronological age together. At 52 years old, this would make me behaviorally 7. I was 7 early on and I behaved as if I was again 7 in my teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, and now 50s. Maybe dad was secretly into Hinduism? I have a similar idea for whiskey people. Your Age By Birth, or ABB, can be translated to your Whiskey Age by doubling just as ABV x 2 = Proof. To most folks, I’m 52 but in whiskey, I’m 104. That feels about right to me. I’ve got some complexity but I’m still sharp. I’m assertive but agreeable. Not watered down much these days. The world I’ve aged in has impacted me but my personality shines through. I was born six weeks premature so I went into the barrel of life at a lower entry proof too. What’s your whiskey age? #whiskey #whiskeyage #whatsyourwhiskeyage

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