• Mark Still

Show Notes: The Practical Still Episode 2 - Does glassware matter?

For Episode 2 of The Practical Still podcast, we talk about whiskey glasses and glasses you just drink whiskey from. We mention some specific companies and glasses so you'll find links to those companies here. The truth is, it's a whiskey glass if you're drinking whiskey from it.

Does the glass you drink your whiskey from really matter? You'll have to listen to find out.

Cradle Glass - we call this one the 'Dan orates glass'. Its shape and the curved bottom is unique. I like it ok but once it's in Dan's hand, he can't help but drop knowledge in grand style.

Neat Glass - a cool shape, great for nosing but also can result in whiskey ending up in unexpected places besides one's mouth. Enjoy the nose, sip it slow, and this can be a great glass for experiencing whiskey.

Norland Glass - looks really cool and is certainly unique. This glass has a great feel in the hand and certainly allows those of us with ample snozzage to get in there and really nose a whiskey for all it's worth. For me, the lip of the glass is too thick so whiskey ends up dribbling down my chin. But, science is involved so this is worth a look for sure. Not recommended for dishwasher due to the synthetic seal at the bottom of the glass. I hate that.

Glencarin Glass - the defacto standard in whisky glasses, their URL is actually whiskyglass.com. Works for whiskey too. Simple, durable, readily available, and reasonably priced. If you only buy one whiskey glass, this should probably be it.

Crate and Barrel Sipping Snifter - here's that 'tiny wine glass' looking glass I mentioned. I go back and forth but I do continue to drink whiskey from this glass. Having a stem is nice sometimes. Crate and Barrel sells other glasses aimed at whiskey drinkers too.

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