• Mark Still

Open the Bottle. Drink the whiskey.

Whiskey is to be enjoyed. For some, that means staring at unopened bottles. Not me.

Maybe you’ve been at this whiskey thing for a long time. You may have been able to buy some of what the rest of us can only dream of owning and maybe you paid ridiculously low prices for those bottles of bourbon by today’s standards. Perhaps you were even wise enough to hang onto those bottles to this day. I can see that it would be hard to open them now. I would. But for the rest of us, it’s unlikely that we’re going to buy a $50 bottle today that will turn into a $1,000 bottle in a year or ten. I suppose if you somehow can buy a bottle of Pappy 23 for retail, flipping it and pocketing that profit might seem like a no-brainer. Not to me. I’m in the whiskey to drink the whiskey and share the whiskey. Given the opportunity to buy whatever unicorn bottle that I can afford these days, it’s getting opened and it’s getting shared and that includes that Pappy 23. If you had one chance and you flipped it and you talk about owning it or the profit as if that’s an achievement worthy of praise, I don’t understand you. Maybe it’s easy for me to say since I don’t come across those opportunities often and I’m not going to spend another night in the cold camping for a shot. I did get to buy a George T. Stagg this year, finally. It was the first time it happened for me and I did pay retail for it. I’m thankful to my local store for that wonderful moment. I didn’t open it right away but only because it happened on my lunch break on a workday. My workplace is fairly laid back but busting open bourbon at the office is a sip too far. I opened it when I got home. That Stagg is really good but there is no way I’d pay secondary pricing for it. There are just too many readily available bottles at a small fraction of that price that I enjoy as much or, at least nearly as much. When the next chance comes, I'd buy it again. I'd also open it again. Of course, that’s why we started The Practical Still anyway, isn’t it? Open the bottle.

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