• Dan Cavallari

Infinity bottles done right

Doing it right is easy because there's no way to do it wrong

Finishing that last sip of a bottle feels a bit sad to me, every time. A great experience has ended, or perhaps a mediocre one. Either way, you've come to the end — but this is no time to be contemplating the finite nature of life! It's certainly no time to ponder the ever-falling sands of time! This is a time for the infinite! If you've got a bottle with an ounce or two left at the bottom, congratulations: You're ready to start an infinity bottle.

And you certainly should. This is the best way to experiment with your whiskey hobby and create something totally unique you can't buy on store shelves. This bottle is all you.

What's an infinity bottle?

It's a pantload of fun, that's what. The gist is this: Take one or two ounces of whiskey from every bottle you buy. Some folks wait until the last ounce or two, but you can certainly add to your infinity bottle at any time. Pour those one to two ounces into a designated bottle, and keep track of what you pour in on a spreadsheet.

When you've poured enough samples of your various bottles into your infinity bottle, congratulations! You're done. Throw a party.

No, seriously, throw a party

You've played the long game here, and your bottle has been sitting a week or two. You know exactly what's in there, but it's still a mystery how it will taste. All those flavors from your individual bottles are mingling, making their introductions. Some are sneaking off to dark bedrooms to make out or maybe more. Others have found each other distasteful company and have separated to opposite sides of the taste spectrum. It's allegory, kids. It's allegory.

This is the perfect opportunity to phone up your friends and get them together with their infinity bottles. It's time to see who the master mixologist is among you.

At such a gathering a few months ago, I had the distinct pleasure of sampling my own infinity bottle — which contained such lovelies as Booker's, Jim Beam Distiller's Cut, Stagg Jr, Eagle Rare, EH Taylor, and many more. And oh, was it a treat. But the real fun was sampling other infinity bottles. The clear winner was a shocker.

You just never know what will happen when the Scottish join the fray.

Our friend and drinking pal Matt had poured some Scotch in his otherwise-exclusively-bourbon infinity bottle. He said he had tasted it early on and it was a mess, so he warned us it might taste horrible by the time we all got together. But it was the clear winner of the night — just the right amount of peat and smoke mixed in with brown sugars and caramels and vanillas.

You just never know what will happen when the Scottish join the fray.

Perhaps it was the disparity of tastes that had us all sampling that particular infinity bottle over and over again. Perhaps it was simply the notion of tasting something completely off-the-wall different. Whatever it was, that particular infinity bottle had us all wondering what other possibilities could be dreamed up with the right amount of patience, and a bit of daring.

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