• Mark Still

Bottom of the whiskey bottle

The end isn't always The End but is so often the best

The good ones, the ones I can’t stop thinking about, they always taste so good near the end of the bottle. I don’t know if it’s in my head or what but as I near the end of this bottle of Barrell Bourbon Batch #017, I’m nearly in tears. I’ve loved this one from the moment I opened it. It’s a blend of three straight whiskeys but it’s so Tennessee and I love Tennessee … cough, cough, Dickel. It’s bittersweet when it is so good that I want to save some but I just can’t. Sure, it helps that I have another one of these on the shelf but that isn’t always the case. It can be a real heartbreaker with Barrell Bourbon too since they do a batch once and it’s gone forever. Good memories though for sure. Sometimes it can be tough on the budget. The first time I opened an Old Forester 1910, I just wasn’t sure about it. On paper, I should have loved it. Twice in barrels, deep and rich, not stupid expensive or hard to find, but it wasn’t so obvious right off. Halfway through it was coming to me and by the end, those last couple of pours, I was in love. So of course, I bought two more. I don’t need that level of regret in my life. I’ve ignored those signs before. Never again. What’s your regret bottle? The one that got away. The one that you didn’t re-up when they were just sitting on the shelf and now when you’re jonesing hard, there’s no fix to be had.

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