• Dan Cavallari

Back to the Bottle: Old Forester 1920

Dan recommended it to Mark, so Mark popped it open. After a bit of time open on the shelf, this 115-proof bottle offers tons of flavor without a ton of burn.

A whiskey's personality evolves after you crack open the bottle...or at least it can. So when Dan recommended Old Forester 1920 to Mark, there were two opportunities to judge this bottle right off the bat: First after opening it, and later after letting it sit for several days or a week.

Mark did a great video of his uncorking (see below). Listen above for our reactions to this bottle after it's been open for a week or so to get a sense of how its personality changed.

Quick rewind: Uncorking Old Forester 1920

Mark did a great little video about opening the bottle, along with his initial reactions to the nose and up-front flavors of this 115-proof whiskey:

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