May 31, 2021

Deerhammer Distillery Visit: After Drinking from all the Barrels

Deerhammer Distillery Visit: After Drinking from all the Barrels

After we recorded an introductory podcast (if you haven't listed to it yet, it's a good idea to pause this episode and give it a listen here)  in the rack house at Deerhammer Distillery, owner Lenny Eckstein took us through a few tastings of his smoked corn whiskey, bourbon, rye, and American single malt whiskies. To say it was enlightening is quite an understatement. Additionally, we sampled directly from a great many barrels using large silicon straws to siphon out unfiltered, uncut whiskey, you know, the way the universe means for us to taste such delights. 

Lenny explained his processes and his thinking on topics from choosing his cuts off the still, grain selection for their four-grain bourbon, blending barrels to come up with specific releases (we all agreed that vatting is just too pretentious a term), and much more.

We're so grateful to Lenny and Amy for reaching out to us for the visit and for being so generous with their time, knowledge, and whiskey.

We'll have videos up on the YouTube channel soon too along with an 'Open the Bottle' for batch #62 of the Deerhammer American Single Malt whiskey. Is it really as good we thought it was while we were under the spell of all those barrels in the rack house? Spoiler alert: I already opened it, tasted it, and recorded the video and it's just as good as I thought it was at the distillery. Delicious.

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