Mark and Dan drink together. A lot. 

And that's why we're here, really. Mark and Dan started drinking whiskey together a few years ago and as Mark's collection grew, so too did Dan's interest in whiskey. So Mark started teaching Dan the basics, and now Dan has a full-fledged collection of his own.

Mark and Dan met each other in the bicycle industry, so if you hear them chatting about riding bikes, you'll know why. As it turns out, there are a lot of similarities between a passion for bikes and a passion for whiskey — collector's proclivities, a desire to learn more about a complex subject, and purchasing excellent products for big price tags and equally excellent products at a much, much lower price tag.

They both live in the greater Denver, Colorado area and came up with the idea for The Practical Still after maintaining the Whiskey Experience, a monthly club of close friends and newcomers who get together to experiment with new bottles.